viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

SECOND TERM_Unit1_NUTRITION: Digestive System


1. The sense of smell provokes the production of saliva in the mouth.

2. We swallow* the food into the oesophagus, a tube that links* the throat with the stomach.

3. The stomach breaks down* food excreting gastric juices.

4. The food becomes a liquid and mixes with bile (produced by the liver) and pancreatic juices. Nutrients are absorbed into the blood*.

5. The waste* passes to the large intestine. Water is absorbed into the blood. Solid waste leaves the body through the anus.

*to swallow: to take food or liquid down the throat
to link: to join or to connect
to break down: to disintegrate a substance 
blood: red liquid that flows throughout the body
wastes: garbage, excrements

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